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It’s a Big Sound at a Small Price. Programs for Big, Mid-Sized, and Smaller Sized Fairs; A Big Kahuna Voice Services provides a total voice package to fit any and all needs; supplying that warm, rich voice you want for your fair. English and Spanish announcement capability. Email for details.

DEMO: (Actual Announcement) made during the 2014 Big Fresno Fair.


Available Services

Now any fair can sound like the state fair with any one of these packages and services.

At The Front Gate, or anywhere around the fair, Informational Loops can tell your patrons of highlighted fair attractions, amenities and security information. These Loops are on a single disc that can either be play on an endless loop, or timed to play hourly, half, or, quarter-hourly.

Pre-Recored Fair Announcements: There are three different packages of Fair Announcements.

FAIR PACKAGE ONE: This comprises a single disc that would run the entire fair, highlighting events and attractions of the fair. The Disc can be timed to play, hourly, half, or, quarter hourly.

FAIR PACKAGE TWO: This would comprise one disc per day for the run of the fair. Each Disc is daily sensitive and would highlight individual attractions and events of that day. The discs can run hourly, or other predetermined intervals. A different disc would be used each day.

FAIR PACKAGE THREE: This package comprises of 3 discs per day, for the run of the fair, allowing for daily, as well as time sensitive announcements to be made of each day's attractions and events. These discs can be timed for hourly, or whatever intervals needed. Discs would required to be changed at intervals during the day to keep with the time sensitive nature.

Informational Loops:
Advertise that new exhibit, building, or attraction. Use informational loops at the gate or elsewhere to let your patrons know where to go for Found/Lost Children, Diaper Changing/ Infant Feeding, or any other customer service convenience your fair provides.

HEALTH AND SAFETY LOOPS: These Discs could be used in barn and livestock areas to remind patrons to wash hands before eating, etc. These messages could also reiterate the prohibition of no open drink drink containers, or food items for health reasons.

LIVE VOICE OF THE FAIR: Please use the contact form for scheduling and pricing.

Dual Language Capacity: Big Kahuna Voice Services can offer parity with English and Spanish Language announcements. There is an added cost for bi-lingual announcement services. Email for details.

PRICING: Please Email for pricing and availability.


Microphone 4


  • We are a small fair, what do you recommend?

It will depend on whether the fair has, or can have, a speaker system. If so, then the most bang would be daily disc for each day of the fair. Each day's events and attractions are highlighted, including the night's concert or entertainment. It would not be especially time sensitive, but would be daily sensitive.

If there is no sound system on the grounds, then a front gate/entrance informational loop might be beneficial. With the investment of an inexpensive PA system and a couple of horn speakers, a fair can now have a sound system. With the PA installed at the front gate, patrons would learn of the various attractions, location of Found/Lost Children and other customer service amenities. Any other information the fair wishes to impart can also be put in the loop, as well as various sponsor recognitions.


  • What can I expect for turn around time?

Once the copy is finalized, turn around time can be the same day. The finished product can be sent electronically. We can also send a "hard copy" CD, and with that, one needs to allow for "snail mail." To ensure no mistakes, its best to order your product/s in advance so that one isn't waiting for something as the fair opens.


  • Can our Fair book you as a live "Voice of the Fair"?

Yes, but my schedule is pretty tight, so contact me early in the year.

  • Can you do something for our Interim events we hold on the fairgrounds?

Whatever voicing project you can envision,
A Big Kahuna Voice Services can do it.


Our Mascot, Zack and Mack!

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There are 25 years of experience behind A Big Kahuna Voice Services. Beginning as a News Director in radio, to writing and voicing documentaries, industrials, commercials, and more; Jeffrey Reid, (aka: Big Kahuna), delivers that professional, warm, rich voice you want for your fair. Mrs. Big Kahuna and I are currently beginning our third decade in the fair Industry. I am currently the Voice of the Fair for the Big Fresno Fair.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Western Fairs Association, (WFA), and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, (IAFE); listed as A Big Kahuna Voice Services.


My wife and I live in idyllic California, in the Sierra Foothills, at the northern end of the Gold Country. We have been vendors in the fair industry for some 20 years. I have a BS degree, with honors, in Broadcast Journalism, from San Jose State University. I also served in the U.S. Army, first as an Armor Crewman on the old M-60A1 tank, and later worked as a Senior Broadcast Writer for an Army General.